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I was a 2nd grader at the Thoreau School in Concord, Massachusetts. I lived in a green house with my mom, my dad, my younger brother, and our dog, Shuffles. I liked to ride my bike (it had a flowered banana seat and tassels dangling off the handlebars), go to drive-in movies, decorate cardboard houses for my toy mice and read and read and read and read. And read and read and read.

At recess my friends and I playacted Little House on the Prairie. I usually got to be Laura when I wore my hair in braids, but sometimes I had to be Nellie Oleson because we had almost the same last name.

1975 was the year that the USA celebrated the bicentennial, and I walked over the Old North Bridge with President Ford to place a time capsule under the Minuteman Statue in Concord. I wrote one of the letters in the time capsule, and I plan to walk with whoever is the president in 2075 to open up the capsule and read my letter. I'll be 108 years old then.

  • Number of teeth: 16
  • Favorite food: Chocolate
  • Favorite drink: Root beer
  • 3 wishes:
    1. canopy bed
    2. pet chimp
    3. to meet Helen Keller

Me as a writer: I always loved to write. I wrote in my journal at school and in a diary at home. In 3rd grade, I wrote a Christmas play that included the unforgettable line, "Hurry, Santa! Comet's gonna vomit!"

Ellen at Seven Years Old Ellen in 2008


I live in a yellow house in Groton, MA, with my husband, our 10-year-old twin sons, and our naughty but cute puppy, Pickles, who likes to carry my iPhone around in his mouth. He doesn't chew it, but it sure gets slobbery.

I still like to ride my bike, especially at Acadia National Park in Maine. Alas, my bike does not have a banana seat OR tassels.Yet.

I wish that there were 3 extra days in the week. I would call them Yogaday, Movieday, and Zzzzzzzzday, and I think you can figure out how I'd spend them.

  • Number of teeth: 30
  • Favorite food: Chocolate
  • Favorite drink: COFFEE!!!!
  • 3 wishes:
    1. one year off from all responsibilities to travel around the world with my family.
    2. a machine that would turn pollution into chocolate and coffee.
    3. a trip to see Jupiter and Saturn up close — for real, not just in a picture — but without having to ride in a rocketship for most of my life. If you have invented a way to do this, please email me immediately.

Me as a writer:

I try to write every single day.

I write 2 pages of BLAHBLAHBLAH (just whatever is on my mind that morning). Then I choose a subject and write 6 very short poems called Haiku.

Most days I also work on my stories. I have discovered that it helps me to wear earplugs when I write. At first I did this because my house can get quite loud (like when one of my sons is practicing trombone and the other is practicing the drums and the dog is chomping on a crunchy bone and my husband is singing Beatles songs while he folds the laundry), but now earplugs help me concentrate even when I'm all by myself. I am glad computers were invented because it makes writing and revising so much faster, but my favorite way to write is with a SUPERSHARP number two pencil. I love my electric pencil sharpener. The easiest part of writing for me is having ideas. The hardest part is getting started.

And the most fun part is when something I've written makes another person's day more interesting or happy or meaningful.


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